Avondale United Methodist Church established the thrift shop May 25, 2000.  It is located in a small house on the east edge of the church parking lot. 

     The thrift shop is open each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from
10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and also Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until
2:00 p.m. 


/files/Avondale Images/Second Hand Ministries Images/Second Hand Ministries.JPG    Most of our area is devoted to clothing.  We have one room full of gently used clothing for men and women.  We have several coats, suits and dresses, and of course slacks, jeans, shirts, and sweaters.  There are sections for maternity wear and large sizes for women.

   Items are donated by individuals, sorted, priced, and resold to people who are looking for ways to make their budget stretch. 


   Another room contains racks of school clothes for ages 6-16 - again mostly shirts and jeans.  There are also clothes for infants and toddlers.

   We have a closet for very nice clothing at slightly higher prices.  

/files/Avondale Images/Second Hand Ministries Images/Second Hand Ministries 3.JPG  
/files/Avondale Images/Second Hand Ministries Images/Second Hand Ministries 4.JPG  

   We have an area designated as our Collector's Corner.  This will feature items from the attics of our church members.  This has included some carnival glass, depression glass and a set of Haviland china.  Come by often to check out our ever-changing inventory.  

 We have items for every room in the house...

  • Sheets. Blankets, Bedspreads and Drapes
  • Towels, Tablecloths, Napkins and Placemats
  • Dishes, Pans, Glasses and  Mugs

And of course, Miscellaneous!

/files/Avondale Images/Second Hand Ministries Images/Second Hand Ministries 2.JPG  


   Whenever you stop by, you are sure to find very nice items at bargain prices.

Second Hand Ministries is a result of a need in the community for affordable clothing and household items.  It also provides another place for Avondale members to be of service to the community.