Rebecca Dunger Peak

Pastor Rebecca was born and raised in the St. Louis suburbs, where three generations of her family attended Vinita Park UMC where she was baptized and later confirmed.   In 1993 she married Clayton Peak.  In 1994 she realized that she could no longer deny the call to ministry.  That spring she began the process of ordination as an elder in the United Methodist Church.  The following year Clayton acknowledged his call to ministry.

Pastor Rebecca has been very active within the communities of the many churches that she has served in her career.

She has held various leadership roles in the district.  She has also served on several committees and teams for the Annual Conference.  She is currently Secretary of the Annual Conference.

“God has work for me among you, and with you for others.  A collaborative work that leans into the gifts each brings into this community of faith.  I am excited by what we  might do together to grow the  beloved kingdom as we claim the soil around us for the sake of Jesus Christ” – Rev Rebecca Dunger Peak

As a church and community of faith let us all warmly welcome Reverend Peak with open arms.

Kevin Hershberger


Kevin has served as choir director and staff musician at Avondale UMC from 2002-2013 and is delighted to return as director of music and accompanist. Since being a freshman in college, Kevin has ministered in music at churches either directing choirs, leading worship, cantoring or accompanying, sometimes all of the above concurrently. He has sung in various ensembles including the Kansas City Symphony Chorus, the Kansas City Chorale and Musica Vocale. He has appeared in and/or music directed lots of theatre in the metro area including such shows as Children of Eden, Sweeney Todd, Titanic, Grey Gardens and Forever Plaid. Kevin works full-time as a Wine Steward at the midtown Costco. He lives in south Kansas City with his husband Mark and their Lhasa-Poo Fritz.

Brent Henry


Brent has served as director of IT at Avondale UMC since late 2021. He has enjoyed a career in IT at Oracle/Cerner since 2008. Brent fell in love with technology at 10 years old when he took the family computer apart to see how it worked – He was even able to get it back together before his parents found out. Brent enjoys helping out around the church inside and outside of IT-related taksks, and loves how his Volunteer work strengthens his faith. You will usually find Brent with a smile and brisk walk as he is happiest “getting things done” – but if you grab his attention he will always share a hug.