New Sermon Series (November 17 – 24)

 “Honor the Past, Serve the Present, Provide for the Future”

        It is not easy to give thanks in every circumstance. But we believe there is always a way of looking at life from the standpoint of eternity. The stories of Hebrews in the time of Exodus remind us that faith in God is a spiritual battle against hopelessness and godlessness.

        People of Israel remember and learn from the failure and success of their ancestors in the wilderness. The stories of Exodus are revisited and interpreted through other books of Old Testament. They honored the past whether it was successful or not. They knew their past days give power to enrich the present life, and also provides a guidance for their future. We Christians learn from their experiences. We give our ears to what God speaks to us through the life journey of Israel.

        Let’s think about how we honor our past. How was God with us?  How does the past enrich our present days? What does God provide you through your past and present days for your future?

Through the sermon series, we’ll think about how God was always faithful to Avondale UMC (AUMC). We’ll remember and honor those who worked for AUMC in the past. We’ll give thanks to God for what God is doing for us here and now. Also, we’ll commit ourselves to move forward as faithful disciples of Christ toward the future of God’s mission.

Nov. 17 “Honor the Past, Serve the Present, Provide for the Future (1)” (Exodus 16:1-15, Philippians 2:14-18)

Nov. 24 “Honor the Past, Serve the Present, Provide for the Future (2)”

(2 Thessalonians 5:16-23)