New Sermon Series (January 12– 26)

“Ground Rules for Christian Living”

Every meeting, work, sport, or relationship has written and unwritten ground rules. There are absolutely ground rules for the church, too. First, all new Methodist Christians confess the written ground rules in front of the congregation when they join. It is included in the membership vow of UMC: the practice of “prayer, presence, gift, service, and inviting others to Christ.” Every Methodist must be loyal to their church with the above practices. Secondly, there are ground rules for Christian living in the world. They are called “Three Simple Rules,” which were developed and practiced by the early Methodist Christians. They believed the ground rules for Christian living are “Do No Harm,” “Do Good,” and “Stay in Love with God.” John Wesley and the early Methodist Christians followed seriously these rules in daily life and experienced the transformation of the world around them as well as their lives.


Through this sermon series, we’ll confirm the ground rules for Christian living and keep seeking the transformation of the world as well as our daily life.



Jan. 12 “Do No Harm” (Romans 12:17-21)

Jan. 19 “Do Good” (Romans 12:9-16)

Jan. 26 “Stay in Love with God” (Jude 1:20-23)