New Sermon Series (December 1– 24)


Bethlehem has had a long and memorable history. It is first mentioned in scripture when Rachel died there and her heartbroken husband Jacob buried her. It was Bethlehem where Ruth, the Moabitess, fell in love with Boaz. It was in this same village that David as a boy tended the sheep of his father and where he was anointed as king by the prophet Samuel. It was Bethlehem, centuries before the coming of Christ, that Micah foretold would be the birthplace of the coming Messiah. Bethlehem was a place of God’s providence in the life of Israel. It is now the place of Christmas for all who follow Jesus. Through the season of Advent, we explore the stories of Bethlehem and await Christ at our Bethlehem.  

December 1 “Bethlehem: A Place of Promise”  (Micah 5:2-5) 

December 8 “Bethlehem: A Place of Pain” (Genesis 35:16-20, Ruth 4:9-11, Matthew 2:16-18) 

December 15 “Bethlehem: A Place of Potential” (1 Samuel 16:4-13, Luke 1:67-80) 

December 22 Christmas Pageant  

December 24 “Bethlehem: A Place of Praise” (Luke 2:1-20)